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Restorative Practices In Schools

We are so excited to present this informational video on our Student Restorative Justice Team.  Our Student RJ Team is a group consisting of trained facilitators, restorative mediators, and youth community members that has volunteered over 2,000 hours to participate in restorative justice processes in their schools and community.  These students help surface and identify harms, resolve conflict, and make things right after crime or conflict. 


LCJP Student Restorative Justice Team from LCJP on Vimeo.

Restorative Practices in Schools is the umbrella title under which the two unique projects exist to bring the restorative justice model into the schools of the St. Vrain Valley School District (SVVSD). 

Pilot Project

The Pilot Project is a grant-funded program in partnership with SVVSD and the Longmont Police Department School Resource Officer Program that works with students at Longmont High, Longs Peak and Westview Middle Schools to address the full spectrum of discipline issues in these schools. The program manager provides training and guidance to the Student Restorative Justice Team that acts as facilitators, restorative mediators, and community members for the circle and restorative mediation processes. Between August 2010 and May 2012, the pilot project's restorative processes have diverted 91 court referrals and saved 172 days of suspension, a total increase of 1204 hours of learning time. 

 Student RJ Team 2012

Restorative Alternative to Expulsion & Suspension (RATES Project)

RATES is a collaborative project between the LCJP and SVVSD to provide a district-wide restorative alternative to high-level suspensions and non-mandatory expulsions. It is a two-circle process: the first focusing on harm, repair and increasing school success; the second on evaluating the student's progress, successes and a plan to keep them on the right track. The RATES program has prevented 8 expulsions, and 91% of the students who participated in RATES complete their agreements.

RATES Referral Packet E-copy

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For More information on the RPS Programs, please contact : 

Laura Snider
Restorative Practices in Schools Program Manager

                     “In order to reduce crime and empower community leadership, LCJP cultivates a safe and caring community through restorative practices by bringing together those involved in conflict to be heard.”



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