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LCJP Facilitators, please take a moment to fill out this survey to let the LCJP staff know how we can better serve you as a volunteers with LCJP. 

Welcome to the LCJP Volunteer Page. This is a resource page for active volunteers who are looking for ways to get involved and stay connected with the program.

  • Many of the links on this page will be followed by the initials (vm).  This indicates that it is a link to file located in Volunteer Matters, our secure on-line data base.   
  • Each of the links on this home page are universal and apply to each program. If you click on the program specific buttons to the left, you will find links and tools unique to that program area.   
  • Click on the (Volunteer Matters) button on the left to enter the general log-in site.  Log in using the user name and password issued by LCJP.   As you log-in check the (remember my password) box.   This will allow you to utilized the links below which are tagged (vm) with greater ease. 

Don't hesitate to call or e-mail the Ken Keusenkothen, the Volunteer Coordinator,  at  303.776.1527  if you have any questions. 


Volunteer Directory (vm)

This is a data base of all volunteers in the LCJP program.  You can find phone numbers and contact information here.  


Directory of Local Resources to aid in the Construction of RJ Contract Items 


Available Volunteer Lead Projects- Opportunities to apply your unique skills


CRJ File and Document Maintenance

  • Basic Description: Work with CRJ Staff to ensure that each of files used by facilitators in the CRJ process are complete.  
  • Time Requirement: 2 hours every 3 weeks. Ongoing maintenance required.  
  • Confidentiality Level: Low. You will be working with the CRJ Office located at 225 Kimbark St. 


Library Inventory

  • Basic Description: Chronicling the LCJP library books, journals, and media and creating a current list of inventory.
  • Time Requirement: Three to Four total hours. The LCJP library is housed in the LCJP Administrative Offices on 333 Terry. 
  • Confidentiality Level: Low. You will be working with LCJP’s library that is open to the public.


Research Grant Opportunities

  • Basic Description: Comprehensively researching grant opportunities on local, state, & federal level and compile into an organized binder.
  • Time Requirement: Dependent on the researcher. Flexible as to time commitment as this will be an ongoing project and researchers can determine their level of commitment to this project. This project is preferred to be done offsite.
  • Confidentiality: Low. This project is seeking information on grant making organizations and programs, no information will be given to outside sources.


Create Training Packets

  • Basic Description: Creating packets used for RJTC trainings throughout the year
  • Time Requirement: 3-4 hours, may be broken up into several short time commitments. All materials are located at the LCJP House and this project will preferably be completed at the LCJP House.
  • Confidentiality: Low. You will be handling material that is the intellectual property of LCLP and should not be reproduced for personal use/sale. 

Volunteer Schedule


                     “In order to reduce crime and empower community leadership, LCJP cultivates a safe and caring community through restorative practices by bringing together those involved in conflict to be heard.”



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