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Lucky's Market Bags for Change

Grab your bags & donate!

February 4th through May 26th, 2018

Each wooden dime = 10 cents donated to LCJP

1. Bring your reusable bags when you shop at Lucky's Market in Longmont.

2. Collect a "wooden dime" as credit for your reusable bag.

3. Drop the wooden dime in the collection box labeled "Longmont Restorative Justice: LCJP" on your way out of the store!

Indigenous Roots of Restorative Justice

To attend, please contact Jessica Goldberg at 303-776-1527 or 


Special Presentation at LCJP

Indigenous Roots of Restorative Justice

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 from 6-8pm

With Woody Vaspra and Catie Johnson,

co-founders of World Council of Elders


Join us to explore the deep ancestral roots of today’s restorative justice values and practices.


For centuries, traditional indigenous peoples have resolved conflicts by healing and restoring relationships within their communities.  They recognize and respect the innate value of each individual, while requiring that community members take responsibility and are accountable for their actions.  Under their Elders’ guidance, reconciliation occurs through public truth sharing, apology, and acknowledgement and redress of harms while maintaining an equitable and inclusive society.  Ultimately, as with modern restorative justice, their goal is forgiveness, healing and reintegration of individuals back into the community.

Our speakers, Woody Vaspra and Catie Johnson, will share traditional teachings and healing exercises from many indigenous cultures, including Hawaiian, Haudenosaunee, Aboriginal Australian, Masai and others, to illustrate how these ancient restorative practices remain so vital and effective today.



About Woody and Catie:

Woody Vaspra and Catie Johnson are co-founders of World Council of Elders, an educational 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, sharing and integrating authentic indigenous teachings essential to healing, peace and sustainability for all peoples in today’s challenging times.  In partnership with Indigenous Elders, we strive to perpetuate the living essence of indigenous cultures including sacred wisdom, spiritual ceremonies and traditional values for generations to come.  Learn more at


Woody is native Hawaiian, a retired Air Force pilot, Vietnam Veteran and former corporate director for several companies.  In fulfillment of the vision of creating a worldwide organization of traditional indigenous wisdom-keepers, Woody has traveled the globe working with Elders of many native cultures who are ready to share their Earth-honoring teachings to honor, nurture and restore the balance of life on Earth.


Catie is an environmental scientist and attorney.  In her passion for environmental, multicultural and experiential education, Catie has organized dozens of international gatherings throughout the Americas and Australia bringing together people from modern cultures with indigenous wisdom-keepers for sharing, healing, teaching and co-creating peace. Her vision includes helping people to appreciate the ecological balance of life, and how their personal choices impact the health, restoration and sustainability of our precious planet.

To attend, please contact Jessica Goldberg at 303-776-1527 or 

"Teamwork is like no work" Learn Restorative Skills through Games!

This training has been a success with groups as large as 100 to as small as 5. We've heard laughter at the 2015 Pikes Peak RJ Symposium, the 2016 Colorado State RJ Conference, and at each opportunity in between at LCJP. We play games to help volunteers and trainees learn restorative skills through the joy of play. Join us to learn communication games that can build relationships and skills in any community - schools, workplaces, families and friends. Through games, participants will practice restorative skills such as affective statements and questions, assets-based restorative justice, connections circles, and more!

Restorative Tools Series - Restorative Conversations


Restorative Conversations for 1-on-1 Conflict

call 303-776-1527 or write to to register


Date & Time:12/5/17 6:00pm-8:00pm

Location: 528 Main Street in the large conference room

Cost: $45 or free to LCJP Volunteers


This session will teach participants to use the Restorative Conversation model to address conflict. A restorative conversation can be held informally in 3-10 minutes to address immediate needs and concerns around a problematic interaction that has impacted your relationship with someone else. In a school, this might include students, teachers and administrators. In other settings this might include supervisors, employees, family members, friends, and business associates. Emphasis will be placed on the primary skills of Restorative Practices, including reflective listening and asking affective questions. Participants will have the chance to role play a Restorative Conversation.



·         Participants will be prepared to invite others to have a restorative conversation, and to lead that conversation.

·         Participants will be prepared to tell others how decisions and behavior affect them.

·         Participants will be prepared to identify their needs for repair and communicate with others to come to agreements.

Who else has requested Restorative Conversations Training?

·         Non-Profit Organizations

·         Human Resources Professionals

·         Affordable Housing Providers

·         Summer Camp Leaders


To request a training, please contact Jessica Goldberg, Volunteer and Training Coordinator


by calling 303-776-1527 or write to

RJ Colorado Conference - Vail, CO

Join LCJP  at the 
2016 Restorative Justice Practices Conference!
Access Group Rates via LCJP!  
When: September 25-27th
Where: Vail, Colorado 
Want to attend the RJ conference and save $100? 
The "Early Bird Rate" goes away on July 20th
E-mail Jessica Goldberg by Monday, July 18th if you want to access the conference "Group" and "Early Bird" Rates via LCJP. Jess will serve as the point-person for registration for LCJP volunteers attending the conference. E-mail today, and in September you'll be joining  LCJP staff and RJ practitioners across the world! 
CLICK HERE for more information about registering for the conference. 
Dr. Jaiya John and Anjali Nandi will present the keynote speeches.Presentations at the conference include: RJ in State Law: What Can RJ Laws Do for You?, Equity and Cultural Sensitivity Training for Restorative Justice Practices,  and History of Restorative Justice in Schools. 
Click here to see the full list of conference presentations! 
Kathleen, Jess, Sophia and Abby will also be presenting two presentations at the conference. Kathleen and Jess will present on using games to make RJ skills and principles accessible to youth, while Abby and Sophia will present on using a strengths-based approach to conferencing and building contracts. 

                     “LCJP builds community through collaborative and inclusive restorative practices and gives people the opportunity to heal and create justice in their community and the world.”











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