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Restorative Tools Series - Implicit Bias Awareness Workshop


Implicit Bias Awareness Workshop

an introductory workshop for LCJP Staff and Volunteers

from the Office Of the Independent Monitor


Open to all LCJP volunteers and staff. Please join us for this introductory workshop to gain awareness of implicit bias and for a facilitated discussion about how bias may affect our work as restorative justice practitioners. In small groups, you’ll examine impressions of the people in the pictures in order to raise awareness of our implicit biases.


·         Date & Time:12/5/17 5:30pm-8:00pm

·         Location: 528 Main Street in the large conference room


In 2013, the City and County of Denver’s Office of the Independent Monitor (OIM), the independent civilian oversight agency of the Denver Police and Sheriff Departments, notice an increase of complaints from youth and families around low-level contacts with police officers that resulted in devastating consequences for youth. By 2015, OIM kicked off their Youth Outreach Project, Bridging the Gap: Kids and Cops whose mission seeks to proactively improve the relationship between youth and law enforcement in Denver.

Bridging the Gap: Kids and Cops educates youth on their rights and responsibilities when in contact with law enforcement, educates officers on adolescent development and de-escalation technique, and convenes forums for community lead dialogue between youth and officers. Tenants of their curriculum include: restorative justice, mental health first aid, trauma informed practice, emotional intelligence, positive youth development, and implicit bias.

On December 5th, OIM is honored to work with LCJP by conducting our implicit bias workshop! We have worked with 926 youth since late 2015 and over 500 adults with our workshop, and continuously look forward to having open conversations about biases and how they impact our individual lives. Please see a workshop description below.

“Bridging the Gap: Cops and Kids” is a project currently being designed to give youth the skills and knowledge to know what to expect during contact with the police and law enforcement youth development training to enhance interactions between the two groups.  The workshop will focus on implicit bias as it relations to youth and community perspectives of law enforcement and contain interactive discussion about those perspectives and the relation to public safety in our community.  We will solicit feedback from LCJP on issues relevant to them in this discussion. This workshop will provide a safe space to discuss complex issues around bias, community concerns, and problem-solving techniques to combat implicit bias.”

"Teamwork is like no work" Learn Restorative Skills through Games!

This training has been a success with groups as large as 100 to as small as 5. We've heard laughter at the 2015 Pikes Peak RJ Symposium, the 2016 Colorado State RJ Conference, and at each opportunity in between at LCJP. We play games to help volunteers and trainees learn restorative skills through the joy of play. Join us to learn communication games that can build relationships and skills in any community - schools, workplaces, families and friends. Through games, participants will practice restorative skills such as affective statements and questions, assets-based restorative justice, connections circles, and more!

Using a Strengths-Based Approach - Restorative Tools Series

Strengths are a person’s assets - their resources, abilities, relationships, skills, interests and aspirations. LCJP uses a strengths-based approach to Restorative Justice by interviewing people directly involved in crime and conflict about their strengths, in order to inform what actions offenders can take to successfully repair harms and relationships. Using this approach has contributed to a 92% completion rate for contracts among criminal offenders at LCJP. In other settings, including business, education, families, and community groups, a strengths-based approach can improve people’s success in building, maintaining and repairing relationships. 

In the Restorative Tools Series, we offer training in more than Restorative Justice processes. Restorative Practices is a field of communication that has grown out of the promise of Restorative Justice as a way to incorporate the principles of building, maintaining and repairing relationships in our lives, not just in the criminal justice system. The Restorative Tools Series will give you the skills and practice to transform difficult conversations and interpersonal conflicts in your personal and professional life. The Restorative Tools Series includes:


  • Using a Strengths-based Approach
  • Reflective Listening
  • Restorative Conversations
  • Connection Circles 

RJ Colorado Conference - Vail, CO

Join LCJP  at the 
2016 Restorative Justice Practices Conference!
Access Group Rates via LCJP!  
When: September 25-27th
Where: Vail, Colorado 
Want to attend the RJ conference and save $100? 
The "Early Bird Rate" goes away on July 20th
E-mail Jessica Goldberg by Monday, July 18th if you want to access the conference "Group" and "Early Bird" Rates via LCJP. Jess will serve as the point-person for registration for LCJP volunteers attending the conference. E-mail today, and in September you'll be joining  LCJP staff and RJ practitioners across the world! 
CLICK HERE for more information about registering for the conference. 
Dr. Jaiya John and Anjali Nandi will present the keynote speeches.Presentations at the conference include: RJ in State Law: What Can RJ Laws Do for You?, Equity and Cultural Sensitivity Training for Restorative Justice Practices,  and History of Restorative Justice in Schools. 
Click here to see the full list of conference presentations! 
Kathleen, Jess, Sophia and Abby will also be presenting two presentations at the conference. Kathleen and Jess will present on using games to make RJ skills and principles accessible to youth, while Abby and Sophia will present on using a strengths-based approach to conferencing and building contracts. 

Holiday Open House 2015

Holiday Open House


Thursday, December 10th, 2015 from 5pm-8pm

333 Terry Street

Arrive Early! From 4pm-5pm you’re welcome to come hear Jessica Dancingheart and other members of the Restorative Networks working group talk about their work in the community.

We’re looking forward to seeing you! Please bring your friends and family to get to know the LCJP Community.

                     “LCJP builds community through collaborative and inclusive restorative practices and gives people the opportunity to heal and create justice in their community and the world.”











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