Community Group Conference (CGC) Advanced Facilitator Training

This training is available to anyone who has completed Community Group Conference (CGC) Facilitator training and has participated in one or more processes as a facilitator or co-facilitator within the past year. This training is free of charge to LCJP Volunteers.

The goal of this training is to provide specific tools for facilitators to deal with difficult situations that come up on a regular basis during restorative justice processes. The curriculum for the training is flexible and the scenarios and discussions are based on requests from current LCJP facilitators based on the challenges they regularly face while managing processes. The subject matter may include but is not limited to:

  • How to work with minimizing parents/support people
  • How to work with offenders who avoid taking responsibility for their actions
  • How to expedite the agreement phase of the process
  • How to use motivational interviewing techniques to gain a deeper understanding of what happened during the story telling phase
  • How and when to refer a case back. 

                     “LCJP builds community through collaborative and inclusive restorative practices and gives people the opportunity to heal and create justice in their community and the world.”











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