Restorative Tools Series - Restorative Conversations


Restorative Conversations for 1-on-1 Conflict

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Date & Time:12/5/17 6:00pm-8:00pm

Location: 528 Main Street in the large conference room

Cost: $45 or free to LCJP Volunteers


This session will teach participants to use the Restorative Conversation model to address conflict. A restorative conversation can be held informally in 3-10 minutes to address immediate needs and concerns around a problematic interaction that has impacted your relationship with someone else. In a school, this might include students, teachers and administrators. In other settings this might include supervisors, employees, family members, friends, and business associates. Emphasis will be placed on the primary skills of Restorative Practices, including reflective listening and asking affective questions. Participants will have the chance to role play a Restorative Conversation.


·         Participants will be prepared to invite others to have a restorative conversation, and to lead that conversation.

·         Participants will be prepared to tell others how decisions and behavior affect them.

·         Participants will be prepared to identify their needs for repair and communicate with others to come to agreements.

Who else has requested Restorative Conversations Training?

·         Non-Profit Organizations

·         Human Resources Professionals

·         Affordable Housing Providers

·         Summer Camp Leaders

To request a training, please contact Jessica Goldberg, Volunteer and Training Coordinator


by calling 303-776-1527 or write to

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